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W.C. Griffith Disc Golf Course

Faircrest Park

1001 Faircrest ST SW

Canton, Ohio 44706

Disc golf is a social sport that permits people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy nature while playing a competitive game. Disc golf is a sport that everyone can play, regardless of age, ability, or gender. Local businessman and disc golf enthusiast Bill Griffith of Sol Harris Day, approached the Township with the idea of a disc golf course at Faircrest Park. He offered to develop and design a nine hole course to be named after his late grandfather and local businessman W.C. Griffith. We then researched and assessed the interests of the community regarding the establishment of a disc golf course at Faircrest Park. The results indicated that there is a very high interest in the sport. Disc golf has increased in popularity since its national inception in 1975. There are roughly 54 courses in the state of Ohio.

Course Sponsors

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