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   Canton Township is mandated by the EPA to educate our residents about the Storm Water Program.  Most townships, villages, and cities are required to participate in a Storm Water Program.

    What is Storm Water?  Storm Water is the water flow that results from rainfall and melting snow.  What is Storm Water Runoff?  Storm Water runoff is water from rain and melting snow that runs off across the land, instead of infiltrating into the ground.  Storm Water runoff is unfiltered or untreated water that reaches our lakes, creeks and oceans by flowing across impervious surfaces.  Impervious surfaces like roads, parking lots, and driveways prevent storm water from naturally soaking into the ground.

10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Storm Water Runoff Pollution
(1) Use fertilizers sparingly and sweep driveways and sidewalks.
(2) Direct downspouts away from paved areas.
(3) Never dump anything down storm drains.
(4) Vegetate bare spots in yards.
(5) Avoid pesticides.
(6) Bring yard waste to the Township for recycling.
(7) Take your vehicles to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway.
(8) Check all vehicles for oil leaks.
(9) Pick up after your pets.
(10) Have your septic tanks pumped and systems inspected regularly.

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