Canton Township General Piping and Ditching Guidelines

Driveway Culverts

Driveway culverts and aprons are the responsibility of the property owner. All culverts shall be 12” double wall plastic unless determined otherwise by the Road Superintendent. 

The Township will replace driveway culverts for residents at a cost of $10.00 per ft. this will include the pipe, the removal of old pipe,  installation of new pipe, and a load of slag/ grindings to cover pipe.

Asphalt Driveway Aprons 

Asphalt Aprons that are within the township road right away can be replaced by the Township for cost of Asphalt only (no charge for labor or equipment), if the resident is also having the culvert replaced. At this time, the Public Works Department is not able to replace asphalt aprons only.

Township will cut asphalt road between apron and roadway, remove old asphalt and haul away. Re-asphalt with new asphalt, compact with roller, and seal crack at roadway.

A driveway apron not constructed of asphalt (concrete or other semi-permanent material) shall only be permitted on a township road with a curb and gutter system.  Any future maintenance or repairs are solely at the owner’s expense.  If the Township must improve or replace the culvert pipe under any concrete or semi-permanent material other than asphalt, it will be replaced by an asphalt apron.

Ditch Enclosure

Canton Township encourages clearing or re-grading as alternative to enclosure, and discourages closing ditches and installing pipe where drainage is manageable without piping.

Road Superintendent will measure and layout area of ditch that is being considered for enclosure and then send a quote to the resident.

The Township will purchase and install new pipe at a cost of $10.00 per ft. plus any fittings or catch basins needed.

If a resident chooses to hire a private contractor, the contractor is required to get a right away/ road opening permit and present a layout drawing to the Road Superintendent for approval.

The Township can only work in ditches that are in the township road right away.

Criteria for enclosing a ditch:

Pipe shall be 12” double wall plastic unless determined otherwise by the Road Superintendent. 

Must have 6” minimum cover over pipe and a swale over the entire run of pipe or as directed by Road Superintendent.

Concrete Catch Basins and/or 12”x12” poly yard drains shall be installed every 50’ or as directed by Road Superintendent. The elevation of the drain must be below the road surface.