The Canton Township Fire Department is proud to sponsor a Boy Scout endorsed explorer post. Post 330 was started about ten years ago and has grown in size as well as in the ability to offer hands on training.

The explorer post offers young adults ages 14 to 21 the ability to explore the various aspects of the fire and EMS service. The explorers are able to train along side of the fire fighters learning skills involved with fire fighting such as handling hose (attack) lines, hydrants, and hand tools and so on. Explorers are also introduced to pre-hospital care such as CPR and basic first aid. Candidates may also attend training lectures that the fire fighters and paramedics attend that increase their basic knowledge of fighting fire and emergency medical attention.

The explorers post give young adults an in-depth view into the fire fighting and medical aspects by participating in practical hands on training. Participation in Canton Township's explorer post enables the explorer to find out if a career as a fire fighter or paramedic is right for them.

The explorers are paged out and respond to incidents in Canton Township as well as neighboring departments. Their skills and manpower have been very useful on the numerous incidents that they have responded to. Neighboring departments that have utilized them have given rave reviews on their performance. The explores have gained valuable hands on training while responding side by side with our fire fighters to a variety of incidents.

Qualified candidates must be willing to learn teamwork, respect, confidence, leadership and commitment to tasks. Explorers should have an interest in the fire/EMS service and carry at least a 2.0 GPA in school.

The post meets every Thursday night from 6 pm to 9 pm at Canton Township Fire Training Facility located at 210 - 38th Street, SE. Interested young adults are invited to stop by the station on Thursday evening or contact Walt Pittman at (330) 484-6165 for more information.

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